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Sentimag Probe


The detection of sentinel lymph nodes and impalpable lesions using Sentimag® is ultrasensitive – and as it is proximity-based, localising nodes and lesions is highly intuitive.

The system is suitable for both pre- and post-incision use, and its sensitivity can be adjusted according to three levels from the front panel control.

Sentimag® instrument uses the principle of magnetic susceptometry and generates an alternating magnetic field which transiently magnetises the iron oxide particles in Magtrace® and Magseed®.

The tiny magnetic signature generated by the Magtrace® paramagnetic particles and Magseed® paramagnetic seeds is then detected by the Sentimag® probe. 



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Sentimag / Magtrace - Magnetic lymph node localisation

Sentimag / Magseed – Magnetic impalpable lesion localisation

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