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Flow Cytometry

Our company introduced Flow Cytometry products in Greece in 2001. We started cooperation with PARTEC, the company that introduced commercially available Flow Cytometry instruments in the global market, headed by Professor Dr. Wolfgang Göhde. Since then we have become leaders in the Flow Cytometry market in Greece, having placed on the market more than 24 Instruments. Mainly in public hospitals. We also handle FC reagents and related products, addressing medical research, diagnosis and patient monitoring for HIV, cancer, leukemia, etc.

Partec GmbH was acquired, recently, by Sysmex International and is now part of the Sysmex Group.


CyFlow® Space is all about offering you flexibility and precision. Thanks to its adaptable configuration, it lets you change in line with your present requirements. And should those needs grow, you can extend it or upgrade it modularly. This kind of flexibility delivers the freedom to operate the instrument in routine settings, in single, specialised research departments or in core facilities with a range of connected working groups. And when you’re done with a particular project, you can adapt it to your next challenge.

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The CyFlow® Cube 8 offers the unique combination of a truly stand-alone system of a small footprint with a modular configuration concept with up to 6 colours. The easy-to-use CyFlow™ software provides control of the instrument, data acquisition, analysis and storage.

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CyFlow® Cube 6 This cost-effective system is our most compact flow cytometer. It comes in three basic configurations with the most commonly used lasers, blue 488nm and 638nm, and with up to six optical parameters. You can expand this space-saving instrument with an autoloading station.

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