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In P. Zafiropoulos S.A. we work with a clear vision on novel therapeutic challenges !
The detection of sentinel lymph nodes using Sentimag® is ultrasensitive – and as it is proximity-based, localising nodes is highly intuitive.
Sentimag® / Sienna+® system - SYSMEX LIFE SCIENCES
Dedicated CD4 and CD4% systems for routine HIV immune status monitoring and follow-up diagnostics of adult and paediatric AIDS patients.

Systems Solutions

Our Team has the tools for empowering diagnosis.


Metallography & Petrography

Buehler is a pioneer in the field of Metallography and in the study of microstructure of materials, produces equipment and consumables used in research and industry.
The preparation of metallographic and petrographic specimens involves a series of processes, by using suitable equipment and consumable materials, to render specimens suitable for microscopic examination.