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                                    Empowering Diagnosis



    Where specific IgE fails to demonstrate absolute diagnostic reliability, especially in more complex reactions such as drug, venom or food allergies BÜHLMANN has the solution - The complete Cellular Allergy diagnostics package.

Flow CAST®

The Flow CAST® is intended for the determination of basophil activation in patient whole blood samples by flow cytometry. Our unique marker combination – CCR3 and CD63 – combines the simple gating properties for basophil detection by CCR3 with the solid application of the proven activation marker CD63 in one.



Allergy Mediator Release – It is the release of mediators of an allergic reaction, and not merely the presence of specific serum IgE, that is responsible for the clinical manifestation of an allergy. CAST® assays: available in combination with >150 standardized and validated allergens.


CAST® Allergens

BÜHLMANN provides a broad range of quality controlled allergens and mixes which are standardized and validated for the use in the cellular allergy assays. The CAST® Allergens from BÜHLMANN are intended for in vitro leukocyte stimulation in the CAST® Assays, namely Flow CAST® and CAST® ELISA kits.