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Ergonomics – Pipetting for Your Safety

Because we understand the risks of repetitive pipetting, we focus on ergonomics in every product we make. Simply put, you can use our equipment while working in a comfortable posture and with minimum effort and strain.



Why Choose a Sartorius Pipette?

  • Ergonomic pipettes reduce the risk of repetitive strain injury (RSI)
  • High accuracy and precision ensure reliable pipetting results
  • Their award-winning design combines top-class functionality and ergonomics along with a sleek, appealing look



Mechanical Pipettes

Sartorius mechanical pipettes are appreciated for their ergonomics, ease of use and reliability. As a result, they are widely used for various liquid handling tasks in pharmaceutical laboratories, research institutes, universities, healthcare and industrial laboratories, where they help you to perform your manual pipetting easily and accurately. You may choose the pipette of your liking from the various models we offer to suit your specific needs and applications.



Tacta Mechanical Pipette – Perfectly Balanced

Tacta is the new premium mechanical pipette with superb comfort and reliability. Tacta makes pipetting effortless and safe, while producing accurate and reliable results time after time.

New features in Tacta:

  • Optilock, dual locking system
  • Optiject, levered tip ejection system
  • Calibration adjustment with adjustment scale
  • Large clear display with 4-digits

At Sartorius, we listened to our customers and combined their views with our extensive experience and state-of-the-art R&D to create the exceptionally balanced design of Tacta. Tacta is designed to feel great in your hand, and it is easy and comfortable to use. All materials used for Tacta have been carefully selected, and each component is designed to meet the highest standards.


The Sartorius mLINE® is the most advanced and ergonomic choice for quality-conscious users who perform long and repetitive manual pipetting. Our mLINE® pipettes are repeatedly recommended by health and safety officers all over the world.


Proline® Plus mechanical pipette family is designed to offer comfort and quality for your everyday manual pipetting. It combines durable construction with ease and lightness of use, and is therefore a perfect choice for liquid-handling professionals and students alike. In addition, it has the widest pipette range, including fixed volume pipettes for when volumes need to be ready-set to avoid errors.


The most affordable in the Sartorius line of mechanical pipettes, Proline® is ideal for universities and colleges or any laboratory seeking a cost-efficient, yet practical and reliable liquid-handling tool.


Multipacks combine a set of mLINE® or Proline® Plus single-channel mechanical pipettes with matching tip trays and useful accessories. This is a great bargain if you want to affordably replace your used mechanical pipettes!



Electronic Pipettes

Sartorius electronic pipettes are ideal tools to accompany you in daily, repetitive liquid handling in laboratories, where the accuracy of your results, speed and ergonomics are mission-critical. Their fully electronic control guarantees consistent, user-independent results, and their lightweight, ergonomic design gives you total convenience. With their multiple pipetting modes, you may perform your liquid handling tasks faster than with mechanical pipettes, and with their wide volume ranges, the Sartorius electronic pipettes often cover the volume range of two mechanical pipettes reducing the amount of pipettes you need.


Picus® & Picus® NxT – Highly Sophisticated and Ergonomic

Picus® NxT and Picus® are Sartorius’ user-friendliest and most sophisticated electronic pipettes. Exceptionally compact and lightweight, these pipettes have been specially designed to ease your daily workload and protect you from repetitive strain injury (RSI).




Uniquely lightweight and compact design maximizes user convenience

Superior technology ensures highly accurate and repeatable results

Intuitive user interface in a choice of language options for total ease of use

Advanced reliability and safety with Picus® NxT for highly regulated environments


 The unique, multi-purpose adjustment wheel enables fast one-handed operation. A conveniently located operating button and one-touch, feather-light electronic tip ejection help minimize muscle strain during pipetting. The comfortable design of the handle and the finger hook enables the pipette to rest lightly in your hand, without requiring you to grip the pipette tightly. The electronic brake stops piston movement rapidly and accurately, ensuring high precision, which is especially advantageous in serial dispensing. The unique microwell plate tracker guides you to pipette into the correct wells.





Pipette Controllers and Bottle-top Dispensers

Do you need to dispense large volumes straight from a bottle or tube? To make it easy for you, we offer handy pipette controllers and bottle-top dispensers.




Prospenser Plus is high quality bottle-top dispenser with excellent chemical resistance. It's safe, convenient, and customizable, making it perfect for a wide range of dispensing needs.


Biotrate is a premium digital burette equipped with sophisticated functions for easy titration. Biotrate offers high chemical resistance and it is a smart solution for titrating various liquids accurately and safely. Biotrate is easy and convenient to use due to its large and clear electronic display, smooth operating wheels, and 360° rotating dispensing head.


Prospenser is high quality bottle-top dispenser with excellent chemical resistance. It's safe, convenient, and customizable, making it perfect for a wide range of dispensing needs.

Midi Plus™ is a lightweight, cordless pipetting controller with excellent ergonomics, enabling you to aspirate from bottles and tubes without holding your arm and hand in an uncomfortable raised position.

        Electronic pipette controller - Midi Plus™ 710931 - Sartorius Group




Pipetting Academy – Training for Users

Our Pipetting Academy will train pipette users to obtain the best performance, ergonomics and safety.




  • Learn about pipetting techniques and other factors that influence pipetting results
  • Gain a better understanding of the ergonomic risk factors in pipetting
  • Learn how to avoid these risks in your work and how to improve your results





Pipette Tips

In pipetting, accurate results do not depend on the pipette or the tip alone. Instead, your results depend on the right combination of both and, on the comfort of the user! Our Optifit Tips and SafetySpace™;Filter Tips are designed and manufactured to perfectly match our pipettes, permitting maximum accuracy, precision and ergonomics.




Standard Tips

Optifit tips ensure perfect fitting and leak-tight sealing on Sartorius pipettes for maximum pipetting accuracy and reproducibility. The color coding of the tip trays enables you to easily find the matching color-coded Sartorius pipette. Moreover, Optifit tips are manufactured in an ISO 8 certified cleanroom environment


SafetySpace™ Filter Tips

Safetyspace™ filter tips produce repeatable results with Sartorius pipettes and eliminate the risk of your sample ever touching the filter. The unique Safetyspace™ between the sample and the filter enables you to use the full volume of the tip with any pipetting mode.


Low Retention Tips

Sartorius Low Retention tips feature an extremely even and durable liquid-repellent surface for maximizing your sample recovery and eliminating the loss of your expensive reagents. As a result, detergent-containing liquids with a low surface tension slide off easily from the inside surface of the tip, leaving very little residue behind.


FlexiBulk Tip Packs

The FlexiBulk concept is a completely new approach to packing tips – something that has not been seen on the market before. The orderly arrangement of tips allows the packs to be considerably smaller and makes tip picking quicker and more convenient compared to traditional bulk packages.




Premium Quality and Purity

Sartorius manufactures pipette and dispenser tips according to ISO 14644-1 in a certified ISO 8 cleanroom environment to maintain the highest quality and purity standards. Only the best plastic materials are selected, and our automated manufacturing process is strictly controlled from beginning to end in line with GMP to reliably prevent contamination by human contact. The Sartorius quality management system complies with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 13485.

  •     DNase-, RNase- and endotoxin-free production process to reliably protect your sample from contamination
  •     The highest quality pure polypropylene used as raw material to ensure material purity
  •     Lot-numbered tip packages, including individual tip racks, for 100% traceability

An independent laboratory checks every lot of Single Tray and Refill Pack tips to ensure the absence of DNase, RNase and endotoxins. Lot-specific purity certificates can be downloaded from Sartorius website.