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Sleep Check

In Circadian-Rhythm-Sleep-Disorders a considerable shift of the individual circadian rhythm is the concealed, biological reason for patient symptoms. Sleep Check allows the assessment of circadian rhythm by determining the individual Dim-Light Melatonin Onset (DLMO). The definition of the individual DLMO allows both a confirmed differential diagnosis and the individual timed prescription of therapeutic intervention, therefore this concept can lead to a more precise therapeutic outcome and greater patient satisfaction. Sleep Check is a complete out-patient care concept for the assessment of Circadian-Rhythm-Sleep-Disorders developed by BÜHLMANN.



Melatonin, the major hormone secreted by the pineal gland, is a key modulator of seasonal and circadian biorhythms. The synthesis and secretion of melatonin is controlled by a circadian clock in the hypothalamus and is synchronized by the light-dark cycle. BÜHLMANN provides the gold standard in immunological determination of melatonin with different RIA and ELISA.



The principal metabolite of melatonin is 6-sulfatoxy-melatonin. The particular advantage of measuring 6-sulfatoxy-melatonin is the ability to assess pineal function by urine sampling, since urine contains only traces (approx. 1%) of non-metabolized melatonin. The measurement of 6-sulfatoxy-melatonin in urine provides a non-invasive, integrated parameter by which circadian rhythms can be assessed over a period of time.


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