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Molecular HLA Typing


Automated HISTO SPOT® SSO system

The HISTO SPOT® SSO system is based on the hybridization of amplified DNA to sequence specific oligonucleotides. It is a fast, safe and very convenient method for HLA typing. The combination of HISTO SPOT® Kits, MR.SPOT® processor and HISTO MATCH software is optimal for medium to high sample throughput. Due to its simple and automated procedure it is ideal for on call typing as well.

For high resolution typing we can now offer the HISTO SPOT® Xtend Kits. These kits enable an unambiguous differentiation of the common alleles in the CWD2.0.0 catalogue for HLA-A, -B and -DRB1. For HLA-C and -DQB1 the same resolution is accomplished by the single testwell in the regular HISTO SPOT 4D kits.HISTO TYPE SSP


HISTO TYPE SSP is a fast and well established HLA typing method based on sequence specific primers. It is ideal for smaller numbers of samples and confirmatory tests. Thanks to CE certified and validated Happy Taq Polymerase HISTO TYPE SSP is a standardised solution. It represents an easy to use and robust method for low resolution HLA typing. KIR TYPE SSP


The KIR TYPE SSP kit allows genotyping of 14 KIR genes plus 2 pseudogenes The EPITOP TYPE SSP kit recognizes the alleles with the HLA specificities HLA-Cw Asn80, HLA-Cw Lys80, HLA-B Bw4Threo, HLA-B Bw4Iso and HLA-A Bw4.


HLA Serology


The microlymphocyte toxicity test (MLCT) is a well established procedure in HLA diagnostics. The HISTO TRAY typing trays are a cost efffective method for quickly required typing results and the ideal solution to exclude Null alleles. BAG Health Care offers you a wide range of ready to use, pre-dripped microtest plates, including rabbit complement, for HLA typing.


HLA antibody diagnostics


For antibody diagnostics, we can provide you with ready to use microtest plates containing peripheral lymphocytes from various donors to confirm HLA antibodies (SeraScreen).