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Companion Diagnostics

Our specialization and expertise in Companion Diagnostics has evolved over the last twenty years through partnering with renowned international vendors, research institutes and reference centers that seek the breakthroughs in monitoring disease status hence targeting personalized therapeutics.

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Sysmex Inostics highly sensitive OncoBEAM™ tests allow for molecular genetic analysis of cell-free tumor DNA from blood, eliminating the need for invasive tissue biopsies.
ONCOBEAM™ - Sysmex
IncellDx has launched the CE-IVD marked OncoTect iO Lung kit, a flow cytometry based assay. The kit incorporates a non-enzymatic single cell tissue homogenization process, using incellPREP, for unfixed tumor biopsy samples, labels cell suspensions with antibodies to CD45, CD8, CD3, PD-L1, stained with a Cell Cycle Dye, and then analyzes samples via flow cytometry. This allows researchers to enumerate the immune and tumor cell populations, quantify the percent of cells expressing PD-L1, and quantify PD-L1 receptor expression across each cell type. The assay also quantifies tumor infiltrating lymphocytes and quantification of PD-L1 expression at various stages of the tumor cell cycle.
OncoTect iO™ - IncellDx
Chemotherapy: YES or NO? The FEMTELLE® uPA/PAI-1 Test helps to make informed treatment decisions The FEMTELLE® uPA/PAI-1 Assay is included in German and American guidelines. The test helps to assess risk of disease recurrence in primary breast cancer and predicts chemotherapy benefit after breast cancer surgery. The FEMTELLE® uPA/PAI-1 Assay indicates if chemotherapy is, in fact necessary and helps to predict chemotherapy benefit after surgery.