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HybriSpot 24TM

Hybridization system fully automated. 24 samples

HS24 big 

Reagent dispenser (robotic arm)
Temperature and time controls
Vacuum control
Integrated instrument for PCR and hybridization (under development)
Two 24-well PCR blocks (under development)
Two 12-sample hybridization chambers (24 samples)
Ability to perform two techniques at the same time
Bar-code identification of reagents and samples (strips)
Comprehensive process control by sensors (vacuum, levels, temperature)
UV light for DNA decontamination

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HybriSpot 12TMTM

Hybridization system semi-automated, 12 samples

HS12 big


Special features:

Temperature and time controls
Maximum 12 samples
Programmed buzzer to indicate the end of each step
Monitor screen to control temperature and time

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